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The Most Insidious Threat Your Home May Face!

No matter how your home is constructed, where it’s located, or how old it is, it could be attacked by subterranean termites. They are a threat across 70% of the world and in every part of the United States except Alaska. They cause $5 billion worth of damage each year in the U.S. alone. Most damage is not covered by most homeowner’s insurance. Damage can go undetected while it grows for years. Termites ability to masterfully avoid detection makes them so insidiously destructive.

Are You Inviting Termites?

If subterranean termites discover your home, they will search it for wool fiber.
They will squeeze through cracks as narrow as the thickness of a penny. Expansion joints, foundation cracks, tiny gaps around plumbing and electrical service entries are all opportunities for termites.

Termites often leave some evidence of their presence. Look for small holes in wood, crumbling drywall and sagging doors or floors. Insect wings are another sign as termites shed their wings when they swarm. You might see the shelter tubes termites build to serve as their passageways, too. If you suspect you have termites, call in a certified BURL’S Termite and Pest Control professional to perform a thorough termite inspection. A Termidor Certified Professional is your best choice, and BURL’S Termite and Pest Control is one of Tennessee’s oldest Termidor Certified Professionals!

America’s #1 Termite Defense is the Best Defense for You.

There are lots of termite control products available today. Determining which one is the best solution for your termite problem is as simple as learning why Termidor has rapidly become the #1 termite defense product In the United States.

Termidor is made from a revolutionary non-repellent. or “undetectable” chemical technology. In numerous trials across the Untied States and around the world, Termidor has consistently proven itself to be the fastest and most effective at eliminating termites in and around structures. Termidor is proven to be effective in eliminating termites in and around structures. Termidor is proven to be equally effective in keeping termites away. Ongoing field trials by the United States Department of Agriculture show no signs of termites at all study sites more than ten years after treatment with Termidor – results no other termite control product can match.

There are Other Options, They’re Just Not as Effective!

Pest professionals have successfully protected over 2.6 million U.S. homes with Termidor since it was introduced in 2000.

Better Than Other Liquids

Like many other termite control products, Termidor is a liquid – but that’s where the similarities end. Among liquid termiticides, Termidor is in a far more effective league of its own. Many older liquid termite products are repellents, which termites can not only detect, but also take great pains to stay away from and circumvent.

In fact, given the tiny entry gaps that termites are able to find and easily fit through, it is virtually impossible to maintain a secure chemical repellent barrier around your home. Since Termidor is undetectable, termites neither avoid its treatment zone, nor try to find a way around it.

Even other non-repellent products can’t match Termidor unprecedented performance or success rate. Some claim to be ”nearly”, ”virtually” or ”almost” as effective. The difference between “almost as good as Termidor” and Termidor itself can make all the difference in the world when it comes to ensuring your home is termite free.

Better than baits . . . Without the wait.

A bait system does not seek out termites. Instead, termites actually have to find a bait station and then recruit sufficient colony members to it as well for it to do its job. Unfortunately, there are no guarantee termites already in or heading for your home will ever find it at all! If they do it can then take many months for a bait system to control their colony, Termidor starts working immediately. Termidor is the fastest and most effective at eliminating termites in and around structures.

How The “Transfer Effect” works.

Whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor, it in effect becomes a “carrier” to every other termite it comes in contact with…. and these termites in turn become secondary carriers, behaving normally while they transfer Termidor to every other termite they contact.
Because Termidor is intentionally engineered to be slow-acting, individual termites have ample time to pass it on to the entire population. This unique spiraling process helps Termidor deliver devastating results that are unmatched by any other product.

Is It Environmentally Responsible and Does It Smell?

Termidor is applied with time-tested application methods at very low rates. In fact, for an average home treatment, only 8 ounces of the active ingredients Fipronil are actually used. Fipronil has been used around the world for over a decade in products for flea and tick control on household pets and on agricultural products to protect food supplies. And Termidor has virtually no odor, which means you and your family won’t notice a thing after your home has been protected.

Termidor’s Unique Advantages:

  • America’s #1 termite defense with over 2.6 million homes treated since 2000.
  • Termidor’s unique transfer effect means affected termites help pass Termidor on to their entire population before dying themselves.
  • Starts working immediately and completely rids homes of termites faster than any other product.
  • The world’s most effective termiticide – over 10 years of test data proves unparalleled effectiveness.
  • Responsible, low-dose treatment, with no odor,
  • Only licensed pest professionals, Who have been certified, can apply Termidor.

Checkups Are Required.
Remember, responsible termite control requires periodic inspections. Think of them the same way you think of routine medical and dental checkups, or other common household maintenance activities. Talk with your licensed Termidor Certified professional about an appropriate inspection schedule for your home.

Your BURL’S Termite and Pest Control professional can provide you with additional information about termites and how Termidor can be used to protect your home.

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